1) What are the general requirements for selling mobile phones on Rebox?

i. Users have to be at least 18 years old;

ii. Users need to submit the photo of the front and back of NRIC or other government issued passes;

iii. By legislation, all mobile phones sold in Singapore cannot be SIM locked.

2) What if I cannot find my mobile phone model on Rebox?

If you are using search function and are unable to find your mobile phone model, please try to reduce the key words to enlarge the search range. If you are still unable to find, most likely your mobile phone model is not in our buyback universe yet. Please send us an email at hello@rebox.com.sg to leave your contact number and the mobile phone model with us. We will notify you once this specific model is added in our buyback universe.

3) Which type of mobile phones are not accepted by Rebox?

i. Stolen phones (you can check whether the mobile phone is recorded on SPEX at this website: https://www.police.gov.sg/e-services/find-out/stolen-and-lost-property-index)

In the event that the mobile phone is found to be reported lost or stolen, the mobile phone together with the seller's particulars will be surrendered to the police as required by the law.

ii. Damaged sets that cannot be turned on.

You are liable for the two-way delivery charges if the received mobile phone cannot be turned on. We will only return the mobile phone upon receipt of the prepayment for the two-way delivery charges from you.

4) How can I send my mobile phone to Rebox?

You can either arrange Speedpost courier to pick up the smartphone from you or drop it off at any POPStation island wide. The delivery charge is paid by us. Speedpost provides up to $500 of insurance coverage in case of damage or loss during the delivery.


5) When can I receive the payment?

We will transfer the money to your bank account within 2 hours upon acceptance of your mobile phone.


6) What will happen if Rebox deems my mobile phone not matching with the description submitted?

We will call you (or email you in case we couldn’t reach you via phone) and provide a revised quote with proper explanation. If you agree to our reasons and accept the revised quote, the sale is considered successful and we will credit the money to you immediately, otherwise if you do not agree to the revised quote. We will arrange the next working day pickup to return the mobile phone to you for free and the phone will be delivered the next day after pickup.


7) Are there any other hidden charges?

No, there are no hidden charges or gimmicks. You get the full amount of the quoted price.


8) Who bears the return delivery charge?

Except for the scenario described in point 3), we will pay for the return delivery charge even if your mobile phone does not match with the description submitted upon inspection and you do not accept to the re-quoted price.  

9) How long does it take to return the mobile phone to me?

We will send the mobile phone back to you within two working days of your return request.