About Us

Being Singaporeans and witnessing the growth of Singapore into a highly connected metropolis. It is no surprise that Singapore has one of the highest mobile phone penetration rate. Whenever there is a launch of a new phone, being Kaisu Singaporeans we are quick to get our hands on the latest handset in trend. The old “heartbroken” handset is then chucked aside and we neglect the value that they still have in them. Sounds familiar to you? It is perfectly okay to “progress” with your latest handset. However, lets not forget that we can give these oldies (handset) a new life - we make sure they are repurposed, and the best part is…we will convert them into money for you!

At Rebox, our mission is to simplify the way you sell your used mobile phones. Through our extensive network of mobile phone dealers across the island, we help you unlock the highest price for your phones with the least amount of effort. You will be able to sell your phones at your doorstep and enjoy the best hassle-free experience.

When we say - Sell Easy, Sell High, we mean it!